Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Danny fest

DannyFest announcement

Please join us on Wednesday, March 26th, to recognize Danny Bobrow's lifetime of scientific achievements with an afternoon of talks by some of Danny's colleagues over the years: Don Norman, Pat Hayes, Mark Stefik, David Israel, Ken Forbus and Barney Pell. The talks will be in the PARC auditorium , starting at 1:30pm. This is an unique opportunity to both recognize Danny¹s achievements and hear perspectives from other leading scientists. The event is open to everyone so please pass this invitation on to any non-PARC people who might be interested.

Don Norman , Northwestern
University, "How does he always manage to make us do the work?"

Pat Hayes , IHMC, Florida,
"Following the Leader"

Mark Stefik , ISL, PARC, "What does
'DGB' stand for?"

David Israel, AI Laboratory, SRI, "Some
Thoughts on Danny"

Ken Forbus , EECS, Northwestern
University, "From STUDENT"

Barney Pell , Powerset, "Getting NLP to market
quickly: a 30 year story"

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